Staking Protocol

Stake your "mint" Ethscriptions

After the mint ethscription is staked, 50% of the balance will be locked in the Vault, and 50% of the balance will be transferred to Available balance.

The Ethscriptions locked in the Vault can get a share of the market fee and can be redeemed at any time.

View Locked Ethscription In Vault

Redeem Locked Ethscription

The redeem function is implemented based on the esip-2 protocol. Users can only redeem their staked ethscriptions in the Vault, and only need to pay for the locked balance. Therefore, the reservation of ethscriptions is safe and decentralized, and there is no need to worry about their staked ethscriptions being stolen by hackers.

Staking Rewards

The service fee for tokens ethscriptions in the will be reduced to 1%, and the additional 1% service fee will go into the Vault Treasury to reward token stakers.

Note that the service fee generated by each token is rewarded to the stakers of the token.

Reward settlement period

30 days

Reward calculation rules

Each ethscription is locked for one day (24h) to get a reward score(not etchmarket platform points). No reward score for less than 1 day.

Rewards = Service Fees * Reward Score / Total Reward Score 

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