About Etch Market

The First Community-driven Ethscriptions Indexer, Marketplace and Launchpad Platform.

What is Etch Market?

Etch is the leading Ethscriptions platform that enables users to trade tokens, NFTs and domains names 40x cheaper. We achieve this by building everything on Ethscriptions , an innovative solution to Ethereum’s scalability problems.

What's the goal of Etch Market?

Our aim is to become the top community-driven Ethscriptions marketplace. To make this happen, we're always adding useful new features and fine-tuning the user interface to be super user-friendly. Since we're part of the crypto world, we're also all about freedom and decentralization. That's why we're working towards a fully decentralized platform in V2. As a first step, we've launched a secondary indexer for Ethscriptions, helping verify asset authenticity alongside the official indexer.

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